Stacking Questions

I’m finding more and more uses for Scapple, and wish the stacking feature had a bit more functionality. Perhaps I’m overlooking something, though, so here are a couple Qs:

(1) Is there any way to drag stacked columns of notes without setting them into/onto a common background or selecting them all together? It would be useful to be able to drag stacks around by selecting the top note in the stack – as if the notes in the stack were magnetized or clipped together. Perhaps some shortcut key combination (shift-select???) in a future update???

(2) Is there some way to make notes stack together other than by selecting them and using the stack menu/shortcut command? I’m not inquiring how to connect notes with dashed lines or arrows. That’s clear. Just trying to figure out how to get notes to stick together and stack more simply – perhaps by dragging them into close proximity to one another or touching edges/borders. Future update???