I’ve not been able to figure out how to open several card stacks in corkboard view in a way that includes the folder/container as the first card in the stack. I’m trying to layout stacks of character cards, locations, dramatic questions, plot points, and scenes as they are developed. I have folder/containers in the binder for each of these, but when I view them in stacks the folder/container cards which include the titles of each stack are omitted. Is there some way to have the folder/container title cards displayed as the first card in each stack column or row? I know one work-around would be to duplicate the title card as the first card in each container, but I’m hoping there’s a less cumbersome way to accomplish this. Thanks in advance.

There’s no way to do this, no, because if the enclosing folder was shown then drag and drop would have to be disabled for the view. The only way to see them all together is to select them all in the binder (folder and subdocuments), but then you won’t be able to drag them around and they won’t be shown as stacks.

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Thanks, Keith. FWIW I stumbled across an interesting approach online that achieves most of what I wanted to do. It involves setting the corkboard to split screen and choosing a multiple stack selection in the bottom pane. See pic below.

The only hitch seems to be when the number of scenes become too large to fit all the scene cards in a single top row. But that can be managed by switching to horizontal stacks (rows).

Oh, and btw, I cannot take credit for this idea. I stole it from a very helpful video that can be viewed here:

Also, moving cards across stacks is tracked in the binder. Note in the pic below that moving the Beat P index card from the Library stack to the Boat Yard stack automatically moved it in the Binder as well.