Stage Play: Exclude ALL Front Pages From Numbering

Writing using the Stage Play (UK) template.

Under the Script, I have:
Title Page
Cast List
Act 1
Act 2 … etc

When I compile, I want the page numbering to start on Act 1. At the moment, it starts on the Cast List page.

Is there a way to exclude both the Title Page and Cast List page(s) from being counted?

Compile > Page Settings talks about “First Pages” (plural) and “Page numbers count first pages” (plural) [which I have got unchecked], so it seems as though I should be able to exclude multiple “First Pages” and get the numbering to start on Act 1.

Just can’t find a way to get it to work, and haven’t found the answer by searching the forum.

Fear I am missing something that is right before my (tired) eyes. :confused:


Briar Kit

What about putting the Cast List in the Front Matter section along with Title Page?

Under the “First Pages” settings in Compile, there is a pop-up button entitled “Start regular header and footer on:” - you need to set that option.
All the best,

Thanks, reepicheep. I tried that, sans luck. Good idea though.

Many thanks, Keith.

Didn’t see that! Thought I might be missing something right before my eyes. Very grateful. :blush: