stage play format question

I just started using the cool Scrivener templates, and have a couple of questions.

With the US stage play template, when we compile and print a script, the formatting looks correct but the font is about too small. In the formatting page, the font is specified as Courier 12pt as I’d expect. Exporting to RTF and printing from TextEdit, the font is about 8pt and changing the font in TextEdit doesn’t seem to affect the size when printed.

is there something simple I’m doing wrong?

thanks much

Could be your print settings are “Reducing to Print margins” thus reducing the size of the “printed” piece even though the document calls for a larger size.

Example. YOu specify 12 Point Helevtica. It appears as 12 point on the screen and also when you select the font its attributes read as 12 point.

YOu print to a printer and a printer setting is set to “reduce to printer margins” or Reduce Size" say 87% then the printed piece would be printed to scale but only at 87% making all the text appear smaller.

Thanks, that seemed to be partially it.

We’re having an issue now where we’ve defined some custom styles in addition to the stage play template ones, and when we compile the script they’re not coming out the same as we’ve defined them.

We’ve tried checking the “keep format” box, and then tried un-checking that and using the format tab and override format to define the styles there. The changes we make to the styles on that format tab don’t seem to stick, either globally or even in the document itself; we’ll change one, pick another from the style drop-down to change, and the first one has reverted.

There must be something simple we’re not doing. Ideas?

Thanks very much.