stage play to final draft parenthetical problems

I am exploring a new writing area which is stage play…
When I export a stage play from Scrivener to Final Draft I realised that Final Draft uses parenthetical where Scrivener uses stage directions, in fact there are no parenthetical in stage play in Scrivener.
For example: I have a double dialogue with stage directions, I use “preserve formatting” but when I export it to Final Draft the layout is a bit off because it expects a parenthetical and not a stage directions.
If I decide to apply the dual dialogue in Final Draft, and not use “preserve formatting” Final Draft won’t apply the dual formatting because the directions below the character are not parenthetical. I can always redefine the styles from stage actions to parenthetical in Final Draft, but maybe there is a better way.

(parenthetical vs. stage directions)


I created a Parenthetical style, for a Stage Play template, in the Elements column and now Final Drafts recognises it, much to my surprise. It seems that the Parentetical check mark in the Script Settings window is just for enclosing the text in parenthesis. So it seems that as long as the “Elements” names are identical between Scrivener and Final Draft (in tho case Character and Parenthetical) the two programs get along well.