Stage Play UK format - Problem with Scene Action format

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Srivener (and to formatting or editing texts, I must confess) and I wanted to write a play using the UK format asked by the BBC. They are asking for a scene action format where the text is in capitals and the paragraph on the right side of the page (starting at something like 2.5 inches from the left margin?)

When choosing the UK format in Scrivener (File > Project Templates > Scriptwriting > Stage Play (UK)), the picture of the script shows exactly that. It’s the format I’m looking for. But once I’m in the editor, the format for the scene action is different. The text is in italic, the paragraph is not shifted to the right etc. It’s the same in the Sample script.

In the script settings I can untick the Italic box and tick the All caps box, but I don’t know how to shift the paragraph on the right. If I apply “general text (centered)” to the text, it looks like the paragraph is now at the right place. If it’s the case, and if it’s doable: do you how I could apply this style to the scene action format?

I don’t really know what to modify in the settings to get the right result. To be honest with you, I already tried to modify the settings to get an idea of how it worked, I ticked and unticked boxes… and now, all the dialogues are in bold mode and I can’t find how to apply bold back to characters only… so I thought it wiser to stop here and ask for your help (but don’t mind about the dialogue issue, I’ll create a new project anyway, that was just a test)

Thank you

Hi Mellyn. If you go to Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings, you can select the Character & Dialogue option in the left sidebar. Then, please select the Tab/Return tab.

If you enable the “Add colon before return,” does Scrivener then give you the formatting to match the UK Stage Play example in the project?