I’m currently writing a play using the Stage Play (UK) formatting. Each time I come out of a scene to, say, look at research in full screen, the formatting of what I’ve already typed changes. Instead of the character names being on the far left, they become indented by 1.60 inches; that is, the first line indent setting for “Character & Dialogue” switches from zero to 1.60 inches. I can correct it by selecting the text and moving the top cursor on the ruler to the far left; but the next time I come out of the scene and into another document, the formatting reverts to the character names being indented 1.60 inches. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? I have pre-ordered this software, so I hope the problem can be resolved.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions - even better, solutions!


What beta are you using? (You can check under Help > About Scrivener.) This is a bug that was identified and has been fixed, and I think it was fixed by beta 049, so if you’re using an earlier version you could upgrade to that. If you’re on 035 you’ll need to download and run the full installer from here, but you can just install on top of your existing version once Scrivener is closed. If you’re on 045 or later you can use Help > Check for Updates, although if you’re using the NaNoWriMo trial this will reset your expiration date to Nov 7th, so you may not want to do that. (If you’re on the NaNo trial, the most recent version of that is 046, so if you have 045 you could also try downloading again from the special offers page after clearing your browser cache and installing that over the previous version.)

Thanks MM for your quick response. I was, unwittingly (I was sure I had downloaded the latest beta - don’t know what went wrong there) still on 0.35. I’ve done what you’ve suggested and so far so good!

Many thanks.


Great! There’ve been a sudden rush of betas in the last week or so as we finish up, easy to miss them. :slight_smile: