stageplay export by character


This is just a suggestion - maybe an extravagant one, and possibly already in place and I missed it.

I would like to be able to print out roles the old fashioned way - by character, with only the line preceding it and following it.

I saw No Holds Bard (Shakespeare as he intended!) in the park last year and I am charmed by the way they do their performances… the way it was in Elizabethan times (sp - please forgive my errors?)

The word Role was apparently derived from the way that the actors were given their lines, their parts, in long rolls of paper that only contained their parts and their cues.

That way they could have their words with them and… well you have to have seen it. They are on the web somewhere.

Our group does little plays and skits for holidays and it’s very organic, not professional and would be perfect for that kind of format.

I wonder if that would be possible?

Thank you for all you do.