Stainless Steel are absolute acceptable to maintain

Mmm. Whatever.

There’s no arguing with that.

I love the fact that people on this forum can look through such obvious spam and still find it interesting. :smiley:

Who said it was interesting?

All your base are belong to us!

Dude. Abide.

And now the original post has (quite properly) been deleted as spam. So we are responding to responses to … nothing. Yeah, definitely in Dude territory.

Wondering why the entire thread wasn’t deleted?

Probably because somebody replied to it before it was actually deleted by a moderator, and the button is “Report Post” not “Report Thread.”

I mean I could delete the whole thread, but at this point the thread are absolute acceptable to maintain!

Concurring, I am agree. These are writing importances.

You don´t know my in-laws. :frowning: