Standard font change after synchronizing with Scrivener for iOS


I am using the following setup: Scrivener for Windows Version on my PC, Windows 10, the same version on my laptop with Windows 7 and Scrivener for iOS on an iPad Air, iOS 9.3.5.

I have created a new project in Scrivener for Windows and for the ease of read, I am always using Palatino Linotype for writing. This I have configured in the settings of the editor. I use to save these settings in the *,prefs file in Dropbox to use it also on Scrivener for Windows on the laptop.
When I am synchronizing the project with Scrivener for iOS, the font on Scrivener for iOS is changed to Helvetica 12pt. When I am working on one of the documents and then synchronize dropbox, the font on Scrivener for Windows has been changed to Arial 12.

Why is it doing that and how can I avoid to have this font changes with each synchronization?


This is explained here, together with instructions for making desktop fonts available on iOS: … -platforms

Basic problem, Palatino Linotype is not the same font as Palatino provided by Apple for MacOS and iOS, hence the change to the default Helvetica on your iOS device; Helvetica on iOS and MacOS is not the same font as the Windows version, or is named differently internally, so your PC replaces it with the Windows default equivalent which is Arial.