'Standard' research docs in Radio Script project

In the research for a radio script I’m doing, I’d like to have some emails people have sent me. However, when I open a new file in the Research section of that script, it opens it in the Radio Script format, so it looks like this:


This is (to use the technical term) a pain in the ass, when what I want is plain text. Is there a solution?

I’ve used a workaround by pasting the email into a Word document, then importing that into Scrivener, but this is a bit of a kludge-o-rama.

I’m pretty sure there’s an option to convert file to plain text. You can also turn off Scriptwriting mode.

Have you tried those?

Edit: and if they fail, you can Convert to Default Formatting.

Tried Convert Formatting to Default Style (in the Document rather than the Text menu, which makes me a little uneasy - will this convert the whole project, or just that file?) Anyway, it didn’t work.

If I turn off Scriptwriting mode (how? - oh, Text menu this time, and Scriptwriting) that doesn’t work either.

Yes, Text > Scriptwriting mode does turn off script mode - you will notice the footer bar change. But that won’t change the formatting of anything already typed in the document, of course.
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Keith, does Text/Scriptwriting mode turn off that mode for the whole project or just for the file you’re in?

Ah, I see the confusion - just for the file you are in. A project can contain a mixture of script and non-script documents. If you are in script mode, new documents are created in that mode.

I’m working on this for 2.0 as too many users are accidentally ending up in script mode, so I’m trying to find a solution that works for scriptwriters and non-scriptwriters without cluttering things up.


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