Standard style

When I copy text into Scrivener, it keeps its original colour, so that I have a kind of stripey effect when I’m quoting someone’s email or article. This is mildly annoying to me. Not a big bug or anything, but is there any way to make the text standard?

Use “Paste and Match Style” (Opt-Shift-Cmd-V) rather than just “Paste”. I had swapped over the shortcut-keys so that Cmd-V automatically did “Paste and Match Style”, but it seems to have got undone when I installed 1.5B5, so I must reset it.



Oh, brilliant! Thanks very much!

It’s an odd psychological quirk that something in an unmatching typeface never seems to sit happily in the article, stylistically!

Totally with you there … I find it totally off-putting too.

I wish my father had that gene. Typographically speaking, the emails he send me are like chewing on chalk!

Mind you, you can use it. I was once brought in for a few weeks to teach a bunch of girls who were deeply bored with English.

We decided to make the psychopath’s version of Keats’s poem Bright Star, by cutting up the words from newspapers and pasting them onto an A3 sheet, like a kindap note.

They had a wonderful time, and by the end of the exercise they were really into the poem, savouring the words and lines and the meaning of the whole thing.

Wow, what a cool idea! I wish I’d done that with one of my classes when I was teaching.