Standard Win10 Fonts does not show in Editor

I have issues accessing most of the standard fonts available in Windows(10) in the Editor. Simply does not show.

When customizing Scriveners UI these fonts are available (within Scrivener) - but when scrolling through the Fonts available in the Editor itself the same Fonts do not show.

Anything I’m missing … Like a ‘hidden’ option or setting?

  • I’d appreciate any suggestions or inputs. Regards, Glenn

When you press Ctrl-T to bring up the font palette, do you see all of your Windows fonts?
And in your Formatting toolbar, is the Font Style Selector visible? (If not, select View/Customize Toolbars and add it to the Format Toolbar.)

I have not previously used the Ctrl-T shortcut. However it did solve the current issue. Much appreciated.

I do have another issue that has been bugging me to no end though. Maybe it is something you could equally ‘easily’ solve.

It concerns the dictionary. I have over time added quite a few words to my Personal Word List, however lately Scrivener is starting to indicate words already on the list as grammatical errors.

On top of that there is an increasing number of words (even common use) it will not allow me to add. I can still choose to ‘ignore’ the indicated error, but when re-opening the project, the same words are marked as erroneous.

  • If you happen to know an easy way out of this dilemma I’d be extraordinarily grateful. Else I may have to open another ‘ticket’ on the forum.

Glenn Hjortholt