STAR WARS FAN? You Won't Believe this!

This mesmerized me the first time I saw it and I had to appreciated the time it took to make this.

(1) Go to Applications Folder.
(2) Go to Utilities Folder.
(3) Find TERMINAL and launch it
(4) Type this in exactly (only the green text listed below)


Sit back and watch it for about 10 minutes and be amazed!


You`re sending the gullible in to the unknown , yet again!
Are we tempting fate…Mr wock?
You will be mesmerised when I get my hands around your neck :imp:
Tis time to strike!!

Mammy Jameson


who wouldn’t enjoy Star Wars Episode IV aniamted in ASCI Text?

I am just amazed at the time someone took to make this lol

And the time it took to find it…

What do you do for a living? Kept man?

Double drat! It ended just as it was getting really interesting!

What happens next?


LOL! Now I have proof that I’m not the biggest Star Wars geek on the planet! wink.gif

Imagine the Geek-hours it took to make that,

Then release it onto an unsuspecting world which has Youtube and 21st Century delights,

The equivalent of translating Plato into pidgin English and then publishing it a a graphic novel.


Mere d`Lucifer…The Slippery Slope… forsooth, where would we be without it 8)

Le D :smiling_imp:

I’m not a huge star wars fan, but the guy who did this is amazing in a sick and twisted way.

He’s a New Zealander, I can’t remember his name. Aside from being infamous for creating the ASCII Star Wars, he also build a jet-powered beer cooler in his garage.

There’s his website. He’s working on more Star Wars in ASCII of all things :stuck_out_tongue: Check out the ‘jet powered beer cooler’ for a full description for the coolest ‘absolutely pointless’ project I’ve ever seen. Yes, it would have cost far less to buy a fridge.

Now THAT is cool!

I believe that the explaination for EVERYTHING is contained in this single phrase:

Where would we be without these crazy NZ inhabitants and vic-k?

Jango Fett wouldn’t be half as cool, that’s for sure!

THAT is amazing!

Oh. My. God. That is BRILLIANT. I only watched up to Luke getting the droids - how far does it go? Surely it can’t go right up to the cheesy awards ceremonies? (It will be no great surprise to hear that I LOVE Star Wars.)


were doomed! :open_mouth: Psycho and wock have got Captn Blount in their clutches now.
Good bye Scrivener…hello Mary Celeste…we`re doomed :cry:

somebody needs to get the creator of that a girlfriend…

or a stamp collecting book…

my point is that they need a hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

It only goes to Luke finding the Princess in the Death Star. Great stuff.

Someone obviously has way too much time on his hands.

Actually, you’ll find that this sort of thing is his hobby if you read through the rest of his website. As far as I can tell he’s an electrical engineer who works for Intel in NZ. And yes, as has been mentioned, there’s a huge history of wacky and pointless innovation from the land of the Long White Cloud. New Zealanders rock!

This same guy has built a 1:1 scale model of Bender from Futurama, purely as a hobby. But it’s not just a model - it’s got a 6502 processor in its head (same as the Apple II - they joked that Bender’s brain was a 6502 once in the series), AND it has a beer brewing still mounted in its belly.

He’s also built a full-sized external model of the Tardis, and mounted a MAME box with full screen and analogue joysticks in it.

Not to mention the jet engine, and the jet-powered beer cooler.

Truly, this guy doesn’t need a hobby. He has enough already :smiley: Dude’s a maker.