Start a new version of a project


Can someone tell me how to create a new version of a project? I have searched all over the place but can only find help topics that discuss using the new version of Scrivener, or are discussions about how to do various things once a new version has been created.

For example, I see comments like: “I simply save my working draft under a new name and push forward,“, but I don’t know how to do that. Appreciate this might be incredibly obvious to most, but it’s not to me.

I don’t think snapshots is what I’m looking for. I want a whole new version where I change one aspect of the plot throughout the entire book.

Any help appreciated!

If you open Scrivener 1 project in Scrivener 3, Scrivener automatically makes a new version and that’s what it opens.

Alternatively, you can duplicate the project folder (.scriv) in the Files app and make either copy the new version.

Or File/Save As in Scrivener 1 to make a new version (that is, save it under a new name or in a new location), then open it in Scrivener 3.

The 2nd and 3rd methods work for any project you want to make a new version of.

Thank you very much! I had no idea it was that simple.

Have a great day.

Same advice for any app.

Thank you!

I came here this morning hunting for help in this identical situation. I appreciate this very much.