Start and stop speaking in text

Scrivener used to allow me to create a keyboard shortcut to start and stop speech from my cursor position. Now, it’s always at the beginning of a document unless I highlight text. Is there a way to create a command to get Scrivener to start speech from a cursor position and avoid having to highlight?

I also use a keyboard shortcut to start and stop the voice output. The voice output always starts at the cursor position (macOs 11.6).
However, I have noticed something: If I use the Scrivener menu option to start the speech output, the generic sounding voice “Anna” always reads the text. However, if I start the voice output with a predefined shortcut, the voice selected in the system settings is used. In my case, I let Siri speak, as the voice sounds much more natural.

Thanks – how did you set up the short cuts? Or did you use something predefined in Scrivener?

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You can make (or alter) a shortcut for any menu item in most any app* using the Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. You just supply to that settings panel the app in question, the exact name of the menu item and your preferred shortcut.

I am unable to replicate the problem you describe where speech does not start at the insertion point for you, but always at the beginning of the text. But I am probably on older system software than you. I am still running MacOS High Sierra.


( * There are exceptions, but basically any app whose menus are programmatically built using the MacOS built-in routines for menus will be shortcuttable this way. The exceptions are only the odd program that bypasses the apple menu system facilities and rolls their own. An example of that is Photoshop. )

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