"Start book after front matter" not working

Hi all, I’ve been having trouble compiling my mobi book. I’ve used Scrivener for years and it’s always worked fine. But today when I compile my book, using the latest KindleGen, I noticed that despite ticking the ‘start book after front matter’ box during compilation, it doesn’t work. The book will start on the second page of the contents page.

Then if I were to untick the box, the book will start on the beginning of the contents page.

I haven’t done anything differently from how I used to…Help!!

PS: I’ve even tried to put the <$ebook_start> code, not sure if I’m doing it right, but no effect. It still starts on the contents page.

This thread might help, particularly toward the bottom. From your description, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong.

Briefly, it’s a relatively benign bug between KindleGen and Amazon’s readers and previewers. If you’re using KDP, then you should be okay because the Mobi file as you upload it isn’t what the reader gets when they download it. My educated guess is that Amazon only uploads the half of the Mobi file that is formatted for the particular reader doing the downloading. The Mobi you compile has two books in one file, that whole package never gets sent, as you uploaded it, just one half or the other. So this display flaw that can sometimes happen to the combo-Mobi is only an issue for the people working with it prior to publication. Thus, not a huge deal, but if you do want to preview the start point to ensure it is correct, I have heard that temporarily previewing without the cover image can dodge the bug.

If you haven’t double-checked already, make sure your KindleGen version is up to date. That’s the best advice I can give from our side, since that is the component that is most likely introducing the start position bug.

That’s good to know, Thanks! I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong.