Start draft from notes

Plea for Help from Scrivener Community

Though I’ve read the Scrivener Tutorial & Quick Start through once, I’m having trouble to start to use the program on the next essay I‘ve started. I’ve brought over the notes to Scrivener where it resides in a blue folder directly under ‘Start Here.’ If someone could give simple 1, 2, 3, … steps to get started, I’ll be grateful.
This is how I normally start writing in Word:

o Begin spontaneously, page after page of ideas for an essay.
o Ideas for the issue(s) to be addressed.
o The main points to cover.
o The audience to address.
o Sentences, paragraphs, or sections explaining one or more ideas, linked to ideas.
o Descriptive sentences.
o Fragments of quotes or references.
o Ideas for other essay(s) that will spin-off from the current
o References to ideas from other writers & thinkers.
o References to essays I’ve written in the past.

The first burst of creative zeal may go on for days & fill 4 to 20 pages of typed or hand-written (I like to write with different fountain pens) notes.
Immediately after that flurry of activity I begin doing some of the hard work of organizing the notes with headings, before I forget where I want to go with the essay. This also makes it easy to re-start drawing-out ideas.
I prefer to end writing sessions with hard work done, leaving the easier fun stuff, elaborating on well-organized ideas, with which to begin the next writing session.
Initial organization vital. Essay gets early out-of-hand & increasingly difficult to organize.
What I would like to do with Scrivener is 1st, bring over all the information that I’ve just typed in Word (Alternatively – where to type in Scrivener?), probably into Scrivener essay section. Once in the program, I’d like to highlight, then cut & paste items, sentences, paragraphs, perhaps a few pages with a heading, paste them in cards in the Scrivener program. I like the index cards with a heading for each card, but another form will do.
I don’t know how to do this for all that I’ve read. If someone can give me steps to do this, not a lot of words & explanations, I’ll be grateful.
Once I’m confident the whole essay is in the right place, and I’ve begun extracting parts of the initial long list of notes, I believe learning the rest of the program, application, will fall into place.
Cards to have keyword titles & are to be organized in sections which in turn have headings like:

o Essay to address this issue.
o Issue defined in contemp & classical terms.
o Pregnant whole sentences
o Concept ideas
o Unusable & discarded ideas
o Section titles
o Forward
o Intro
o Fragments
o Outside refs
o Etc.

Can someone please help to get me started to do this? Thanks.

Have you done the interactive, built-in tutorial?
If not, go through it.
If you have, create a new project with the blank template and just start writing. Break your text in any number of sub-documents during the process. Structure and output format is a later issue. Just write.

To bring text in from Word, use the File → Import command. Import and Split if you already have some kind of delimiter between sections in Word.

(For future projects, you can of course do the initial brain dump in Scrivener. Just create a document and start typing.)

Use Scrivener’s Documents → Split command to split the imported file(s) into whatever pieces you need. I find this faster and safer than cutting and pasting. (Safer because there’s no risk of accidentally obliterating material by pasting in the wrong place.) You can then view the results in the Corkboard for whatever further organization you like.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good walkthrough showing how the various components of the interface work together. “Documents” and “index cards” are inextricably linked, for example. There’s no need to “choose” to make an index card.