Start on next page not working in epub

When i compile out to epub, the styles that have a break before, like chapter headings, aren’t breaking in the epub as i view it on kindle for PC and on my Kindle device. They start under the last part of the previous chapter. Does the “start on next page” setting not translate in epub? Do I have to use “start on next odd page”? I’m afraid that will insert blank pages in the epub.

Recto and Verso pages have little use in e-books, but you can watch e-books in “spreads”.

To start a page on the next screen, the easiest method is to create a new document and place it linear in the spine.

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Okay, i checked a previous file in InDesign where i cleaned the file, to see the keep options, and they were set to next odd page. SO I changed this one and it’s falling on the next page, now.
BUt i have another issue with numbers being reversed–will make a separate post on that.