Start Panel Does Not Go Away

On my netbook where I’m able to open projects from the Start Panel, it doesn’t go away after I’ve opened a project. It’s always gone away in the previous betas. I’m not sure if this is a result of the issue that’s causing it to crash on other operating systems.

I prefer starting projects from the Start Panel rather than having Scrivener open the last open project because I work on multiple projects at a time.

I´m doing it like you with the start panel, because I also work on different projects. And I noticed the start panel not going away, too, but I thought it was something of the new beta.

I would like it, if the start panel would go away like before.


Odd. In my case, I optioned it to open with start panel, but it still goes to the last project I opened.


Cancel that. I realized even though I had checked the start panel option
I had NOT unchecked the “open recent projects” option.
My bad
Once I unchecked the “open recent projects” option, recent project did not show up.
BTW: the start panel does NOT go away for me either once I open a project, not that it bothers me…