Start-up behaviour

When Scapple starts up, it creates a new, empty document I have to close every time I rather call up one of the recent used documents.

Could this be a preferences setting whether or not Scapple should create an empty document on start up? (Like in Scrivener.)

Or maybe Scapple could, if my first action is to open an existing scappling, simply drop the empty one (some text processors behave this way).

This would IMHO be another step towards perfection … :wink:

Scapple just uses the standard OS X document behaviour; anything else would require breaking normal document expectations. I take it you’re on Snow Leopard or below, though, because on Lion and above, normal document behaviour is to open anything that was left open when an app was closed.

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You’re right, I’m on Snow Leopard.

OK. Then this is only a “problem” for oldtimers. :frowning:

Not completely oldtimish. I just tried it on Mountain Lion:

  • Open Scapple after a previous session opens the doc(s) from the previous session as well (default in ML). This behaviour can be turned off in the System Preferences (ML at least, maybe it exists in SL as well?).

  • Double clicking a doc in the Finder opens this doc AND a previously open doc. That’s normal ML behavior and gets on my nerves when I have looked through 20 Word docs and then just quit Word - they’re all opened again with the next session. This is affected by the Prefs mentioned above and can therefore be avoided.

  • However: Close all open docs in Scapple and then quit, Scapple does NOT open without any doc but creates a new empty one that has to be closed manually when I just want to use the “recent” menu. That’s also normal in ML but illogical: When I quit an app with no doc open, why not restart it with no doc open?

Question is: Is it worth another Scapple option (e.g. “Launch Scapple with a catalogue of recent docs”)? Since I eagerly await your next novel, I’d say yes. 8) Or maybe it would be easier to find the most recent docs in the Finder and double click them there? The SL Finder should provide those intelligent folders like “Most Recent”. Maybe that’s an option.

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