Start-up Option: Bookshelf

So this comes under the category of an enhancement. I have a large number of projects (all of my research papers, dissertation, etc…) in Scrivener. What I would like is a variation of the project templates start-up dialog (I’m calling it a bookshelf just to call it something). The idea would be that, since scrivener can keep track of where your projects are (via recent documents), there could be an optional start-up dialog that shows you all of your recent projects in a pleasing manner, like sitting on a bookshelf. I’m envisioning something that looks like iBooks or Classics for iOS. This way someone could start up Scrivener, and choose which project they want to work on without having to close one that was open or use the pull down in the templates menu.

Hi LabRat,

Forgive me, but I don’t see why you have to close a project or pull down the templates menu in order to look at your recent projects and open a new one. Why not go directly to File > Open or File > Recent Projects, either of which can give you a list of your ongoing projects, and open the one you want? Not as aesthetically pleasing as what you’re suggesting, it’s true, but, given the capacity of the L&L labour force ( :wink: ) I reckon there are many other enhancements I’d put on my wish-list before that one.

One reason would be less mouse clicking. The idea is to be presented with your current projects right away rather than having to dig through menu’s to get at them. The other would be the shift in focus from a single project or a new project to everything already in the work flow. The difference of opinion here might also arise from a difference in work flows… Since I’m doing technical writing for scientific journals I typically have half a dozen or more writing projects at once (not counting the dissertation chapters) for the various experiments that I’ve conducted. So having all my various writing projects being presented to me on start-up makes sense. I can quickly pick the paper or chapter that I need rather then mousing around to get at it.

I think a whole window would be overkill for this when the Recent Projects menu already fulfils this role - a whole window with a full interface seems over-the-top just to save a little extra mousing around. So that’s a no to this one, sorry.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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One way you could get something like this is to have a folder on your desktop or Dock that contains your .scriv projects. (Even if you don’t keep them all in the same actual folder, you could create a saved search and do something similar.) Then click on that to get the visual pop-up of all the files and open the project directly from there.

If you know the name of the project, you can also go directly to it before you even open Scrivener, by using Launchbar, Spotlight, or a number of similar applications. That’s what I do.

You might also consider whether some of those projects should actually be merged. For example, I keep all works for a particular client in the same Scrivener project. That makes it easier to share research materials, and also easier when the client decides to repurpose material. The Compile and Edit Scrivening functions (and Collections, in 2.0) make it very easy to only look at the parts of the project you need.


By placing shortcuts to each Scrivener project in a folder and adding that folder to the Dock, you have access to all your regular projects 100% of the time without ever having to search for them. I do this with all my regularly used thesis apps (Scrivener, Papers, EndNote, DevonThink Pro, Skim, etc) - they’re always just 1-click away.

Nice! :slight_smile: