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When I start up Scrivener it used to open the last project I have been using, now it does not do that I have to go to file and open and select my project each time. Is there a way to fix this?

See Scrivener: Preferences: General: Startup options
The first three boxes should be checked.

all three of those boxes are selected and I still have this problem. This started after the last update

It only opens them if they were open when you quit the program; it doesn’t open recent projects, just previously open ones. So be sure to quit the program with projects open (not closing the projects first) and it should work.
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I’ve wondered about this too. So the answer is to not go to File - Close Project. Don’t ever close your project, just shut down Scrivener and when you open Scrivener back up, that project is already open. THANKS…I got tired of searching thru all those files too…

That fixed my issue, I was opening and closing the file not the project. Will this have an ill effect on my overall project ?

Not at all. It will gracefully close everything prior to actually quitting. Same as if you closed them all manually.

No matter what state I now leave Scrivener in, projects open or closed, I get no recent projects OR start panel. Very frustrating. Yes, the boxes are ticked in preferences.

Just tried uninstalling and reinstalling - still no go. Again, I have tried closing Scrivener both with and without projects open, and either way I get no indication at all that Scrivener is even open on launch apart from the menu bar changing. I can still use Scrivener, but it’s annoying and didn’t use to be this way.

Try deleting your preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist - you will need to re-enter your registration details afterwards). This may be caused by a corrupt preferences file not saving and returning the necessary information correctly.

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Hooray! Fixed!!