Starting a new Tutorial

I’m just beginning with Scrivener and having been through the Tutorial once I’d like to start it again with a fresh version but each time I open the tutorial up comes my last version with all the things I’ve already changed on it. How do I start a new tutorial? Hope this isn’t an idiotic question!


Just trash the existing tutorial (that is, move the file to the Trash). If you can’t remember where you saved it, ctrl-click on the .scriv file icon at the very top of the toolbar (next to where it says the project file name), and that will bring up a menu showing where the file is saved.

Once you’ve moved the tutorial .scriv file to the Trash, go to Help > Interactive Tutorial, and Scrivener will prompt you to save a fresh copy.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Hi Keith
Success! Thanks for this! You’re a genius! Much appreciated!
Best wishes