Starting enough to learn???

Scrivener obviously has a multitude of functionality, but I just wanna write my little novels w/as little fuss as possible. What do I have to do to start a novel, have chapter by chapter control, research links, and few other useful bits, without going insane? I think if I can get started, and be moving forward on a live project, I’ll be forced to learn this thing, just like Word or PhotoShop came to me. But right now, I can’t get any traction w/this app. What’s the least difficult way to get started?


Ray —

Open Scrivener
Select “new project”
Select “blank”
Give it a name and location
You’ll see a starting page
Notice draft and binder — forget about “research” and “trash” for now
Click on “Untitled” under draft
A page opens with “Untitled” at the top
Select “Untitled” and replace with a title
Pick a font and size from the top
Start writing — first paragraph, first chapter, first novel…
When that’s done, or when you have another idea, or whenever…
Click on the little + at the bottom left
Now you have another untitled page
Give it a title
Write something
Repeat as needed
Now you’re en route.

Check in with the user manual, or come back here, or — wotthehell — try something on your own. It probably will work.