starting new section on recto page

is there any way to make a new (chapter) section start on a recto page when compiling to .docx?

There is, but it’s hard to find! (At least it was for me.) Here’s how I did it:

  1. File > Compile
  2. Choose the little settings-gear in the lower left at the bottom of Format and choose Edit Format
  3. Now you’ve got Section Layouts selected at the top
  4. Choose the layout you want to start on recto, like Chapter Heading
  5. In the bottom section, choose the “New Pages” tab
  6. You’ll see the choice to always start the section on a recto page

1.5 If you haven’t already created a custom compile setting, right-click on one that you’ve been using and “duplicate” it. Also, once you’ve done that, double-clicking on the custom compile setting name puts you in edit mode, if you find that a little easier to do.