Starting page numbering at X page

I realized that in the pdf format settings it is possible to start the page numbering not at the first page but from one to 10. Is it possible to move this limit forward and make it start from page 11 or 12 or so on?

I don’t … think … so … Hmm.

In Compile → Page Settings, you have only two related choices:

  1. do you want page numbers to count Front Matter (first pages, as they’re called for an unknown reason there)?
  2. on what page do you want headers and footers to start?

You can experiment with those, but I don’t think you’ll get full control of where the numbers start. If it IS possible, you might try putting ten copies of <$p> on a page before the 1st page, if you want to number that page starting at page 10.

Exactly this.

If that’s what you want, my screenshot shows where the options are available. (I intended to place it in my other post but forgot!)

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 19.35.50.png[/attachment]

Is it possible to start numbering after page 10?

Pun the first 10 pages in Front Matter and ask for page numbering to start after Front Matter.