Starting Series

I have a question, I have Scrivener and I write a lot of series is there any way to take the information I wrote from the first book and transfer to the second book? I can’t find away without just rewriting everything again and again taking so much time. :confused:

Thanks Trnity

There are various ways to keep series information together. You can drag and drop items from your completed project’s binder to the new project’s binder to copy them. You could just continue your series in the same project, e.g. start a new folder in the Draft for “Book Two”. You could create a new project just to use as the “series bible”, copying whatever you need from the first project and then always building your research, etc. in that new project while keeping your manuscript for each book of the series in a separate project.

If you search for “series”, you should turn up a number of forum threads where users have discussed various methods of working on multi-book projects.

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