Starting the first chapter on the right page

When I compile my book in PDF, the first chapter starts on the left. How do I format it such that it starts on the right?

You could add an empty page to your Front matter…

Or you can set the appropriate section type to start on a recto page…

If you use the MacOS-version…

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Windows can’t do that? Yeesh :frowning_face:

dumb question. what is a recto page? Also, I see this:

aithal – looks like SWM is on the “New Pages” tab in the bottom part of the pane you show, not the “Formatting” tab.

But yeah, I never heard of a “recto page” either. Must be one of those cool features on Mac that Microsoft never thought of. :disguised_face:

Nope (as much as I’d like to bash Micro$oft on this) - the terms “recto” and “verso” are printer’s terms for the right and left pages in a book. See Recto and verso - Wikipedia for more info.


Google is your friend. You can search for recto in the manual, too.

Thank you very much.