Starting up from a document

Hello… ever since I purchased Scrivener, I have been unable to start up the programme by double-clicking on a scrivener document. A text box reads "an unexpected error ocurred: error code - 10660) Do I need to reinstall?

Thanks so much,


Some things to try:

Select one of the Scrivener projects and press Cmd-I to get info. In the section called “Open with:” is Scrivener (not Gold or anything else) selected? If not, choose it from the drop-down, and then click the Change All… button.

Now, empty your system Trash, log in and log out (no need to do a full reboot) and try to open the file again.

If it still does not work, then it is beyond me at this point!

Thank you. Everything was as it should be in the info panel. I did empty the trash and voila, I now can start up from documents. I appreciate the help,


That error shows up when OS X is trying to open a document with an application that is in the trash can. You probably had a pre-release version of Scrivener that you had trashed, but not yet deleted, which was associated with all of your Scrivener files.