Startup Lag

I tried searching for this, but didn’t notice anything similar. It’s not lag when I’m typing (haven’t done enough right now, so not sure about that bug) but when I start or open a project.

This is on my work computer: XP SP3, P4 3Ghz, 1.5 Gb Ram. When I start the program (after the beta warning) it takes a few minutes for Scrivener to start. I have installed it at home (Vista, not sure of other specs right now) and it seems to work fine. Also on my Ubuntu netbook (Dell Mini 9, 1GB Ram) and it runs just fine.

With another beta coming out soon, this could change. I thought I’d mention it at least, and when I get the next one installed, I’ll test it again and see what happens.

By any chance, next time you open it on that computer, get a feel for exactly how LONG it is taking. Mine pauses. I will hit okay on the pop up and it will take a minute to open, but not a few minutes. I’m just curious exactly how long it is taking to open for you.

Well, I’ll give you my Vista stats:
Vista SP2
Intel Core2 Duo 2Ghz
3GB Ram

Took roughly 15 seconds to start.

Just checked my netbook: took about 8 seconds. Same project (stored in my dropbox folder on both computers)

I’ll check the other one Monday.

Should have run the test with a time before yesterday. Oh well. I can verify that it’s still here on 1.4 though. I think it’s just with opening a project. When I started after installing 1.4, it started quick. The alert popped up right away, and the new/open project window opened shortly after that. After opening a project though, that’s when it took a while.

So this is after that, it’s loading the same project as the other 2 tests (in my dropbox folder). From clicking on the icon to when it loaded (and I hit ok as soon as the alert popped up) it took 7 minutes 37 seconds (give or take because of alert and other programs running) before my project popped up on the screen.

What’s interesting is that the memory usage of Scrivener.exe was sitting around 12-13mb during this time. It fluctuated a bit, but not much. Once the project loaded, it is now sitting at 53mb.

The only major difference with this machine is that my dropbox folder is on a second hard drive. Both of them in this machine are IDE drives. My laptop at home (Vista machine) might be a SATA drive, and my netbook has a SSD in it.

Hopefully this helps a little.

[LOGME]Just for my own curiosity could you make a NEW project file saved on the computer itself, and then save and re-open it. Just to rule out if it’s because it’s on another drive and not the main CPU. Though this shouldn’t have THAT much of an effect. I’m also curious as to whether your dropbox was syncing or anything weird at the time.

Hmmm… Interesting. I did create a new one, and put it in My Dcouments. Then started that one by default. It took 1minute, 52 seconds. Still longer than I would expect. I’m going to try copying the other project to the other drive tomorrow, and the blank one to the other. I want to do some testing on this now. Maybe that second drive is just running on the slow end of things.

Ok, today’s tests. These are just opening a project once Scrivener is already open. Times are not exact, but I’m trying to get as close as possible… My stats are at the bottom of the post.

My theory has completely changed. It is definitely when opening. First, I started Scrivener, it loaded the blank one, and I started my testing with my Nano Project on C: - 3:40

During that time, I opened Firefox 4, beta 7 so I could write down my notes in this reply.

I then closed the blank, and reopened it. It’s on C: as well, created in Beta 1.4: 5:38

Strange, a smaller project took longer. I didn’t move anything, but I did have Firefox open, maybe it’s related. I closed my NaNo project, and reopened it, Firefox was open: 10:21

So, it seems Firefox is affecting the time somehow? Strange… One last test. Close Firefox, close the test project and reopen it: 12:49.

During the last 2 long tests, I could verify that Scrivener was not doing anything. The screen wasn’t refreshing. The memory wasn’t increasing. Plenty of RAM and Virtual Memory, nothing running out. CPU isn’t spiked at all. I was able to run other things with no noticeable problems.

Is there some sort of error log that I could send? I’m not sure what else to test. It’s obviously not the drive, at this point. Tests were 2 projects on the same drive. I could do a test on my drive D, but I don’t know if it’s worth it now.

Just let me know if you want more, and I’ll see what I can get you.

NaNo Project
Size: 1,167,955 bytes
From C:\ #1 - 3:40
From C:\ #3 - 10:21

Blank Project
Size: 6,731 bytes
From C:\ #2 - 5:38
From C:\ #4 - 12:49