Statistic: characters and page

I have to write a document with 5,000 characters for page.
How can I control the characters nr. per page?
Thank you.

Select the document, then select the little target on the bottom right of the window.

Click on the “words” to select “characters”.

Type the number of characters you want in the box.

Thanks a lot, but I need to know how many pages I have written.
With your tip & trick I don’t see any information about the nr. of pages.

Scrivener doesn’t have a page layout function at this time. If you go to View - Statistics - Project Statistics, you can get an approximate page count, setting approximate words-per-page or maximum # of lines (though I’m not familiar with how to use the second one).

I think we’ll have a page layout view in 2.0, though. (See

Thank you.
When the next release (2.0)?

Currently scheduled for late October.