Statistics Box has numbers but no labels for the numbers

When I open the statistics box, I can see the numbers, but none of the numbers are labeled, so I don’t know what they mean. I can guess but that seems silly. I can open a sample box from the Internet, but that would be an unnecessary step. I think there should be and probably are labels I just can’t see them. Does anyone know what I have to turn on to get the labels? Thank you.

Try a reboot of your computer.
There should be labels.

Do you have Scrivener set to display using a theme ? (As in, is the background of the statistics dialog other than white ?)

Yes, a Theme can do that. The default label color is light grey, so they may fade in a mid- tone background.

So, change your Theme, or I can sent you the CSS-code to add to your Stylesheet in the Theme so you can use any color you like…