Statistics for selected documents don't match actual document length

A helpful community member pointed me to the place in Project > Statistics where I could, in theory, get stats on just the documents I have selected.

I say in theory because the stats make no sense whatsoever.

If I select a single document I get stats where my printed pages = 6, which is close enough to what I get when I compile and open in Word and what the simple File > Print Current Document functionality tells me I’ll get when it opens the printer dialogue.

Same when I select the second scene in my first chapter. Project > Statistics tells me 2 pages, which corresponds to both compiled and to File > Print Current Document.

When I select both scenes in Chapter 1 both Project > Statistics and File > Print Current Document and I’m in Outline view both these functions say 2 pages.

When I change to Scrivenings view, File > Print Current Document says 8 pages but Project > Statistics still says 2.

How do I get that Project > Statistics > Selected Documents functionality to give me an accurate count of the documents I’ve selected?

Here’s what my “Options” look like

Any help most appreciated.


If you want accuracy, Compile to a pdf.

Not looking for pin point accuracy but something closer than 25% of the total would be nice.

It wouldn’t change anything. You’d still have to write the words.

Yeah…already wrote the words. Trying to see how many pages they take up. See original post.

@adougherty I am able to replicate the problem. In my case, when I select 5 docs that total to 1,823 words, Project Statistics > Selected Documents gives me a Pages (Printed) estimate of 1 page – and as you pointed out this is a smaller number than it gives when selecting some of the docs by themselves. Printing it in reality would be 6 pages.

This looks like a bug to me. I can’t think of anything that could be running interference here.

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Nice to know I’m not imagining things. :grinning:

I’ll post separately and report it as a bug. I guess for now using that File > Print Current Document estimate is close enough for what I need.


Thanks, I’ll get this written up as a bug report.

In the meanwhile if you are printing stuff out directly like that instead of compiling, then you should find the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Page View setting is a reasonable estimate, so long as the setting in Appearance: Page View: Options, for the Base page view size setting is to the project’s page setup, and not compile paper size settings.

Even if you don’t like writing with that mode enabled, hitting the ⇧⌥⌘P shortcut on and off is going to be more efficient than pulling up dialogue boxes and so on.

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Thanks, Amber. I appreciate it.

I’m not printing stuff out directly. Typically I’ll compile.

What I’m trying to do is get a sense in the context of all the other material how many pages I might be taking up for certain scenes and chapters.

I’ll keep the print dialogue in mind.

Thanks again,

There is this also: In statistics there is an estimate of Pages (Paperback), but you can adjust the words/page it uses to calculate that (under the options tab there). Seems like this would also give you the rough idea you want (and I don’t think it was subject to the bug noted earlier).