Statistics - more questions

I’m loving the stat feature, just discovered it. Question: in my Project stats I only get the correct word count in the ‘Selection’ box (if I’ve selected something). The Manuscript box say my word count is tiny (possibly just the word ‘CHAPTER’ and some fake text I put at the beginning of my chapters. My manuscript is set up in folders as ACT I, II, III with chapter folders enclosed in each - all underneath the ‘Manuscript’ then title page. Am I not setting my ms up in a way that Stats understands?

The “Manuscript” part shows the stats as they would be if you went to Compile Draft and exported or printed from there. Have you turned off “Include in Manuscript” for some of the documents? Have you written inside the text areas? When you say the folders and files are “underneath” “Manuscript”, are they also contained inside it (that is, when you click on the triangle next to “Manuscript”, does it show or hide your chapters?
All the best,

Got it, Keith - thanks. I forgot to check one of the boxes in ‘compile draft’. Didn’t realize they’re related.