Stats and targets in Outliner

I’ve got folders as chapters with five files in each. If I view the files in outline I see my word count and the target appropriately filled for each file. But if I view the whole draft in outline, there are 0 words in the folder and no targets filled even though there are words in the files each folder is enclosing. How could I get a word count for each folder in the overarching Draft outline view?

Hi Jenny,

Folders and files aren’t really any different - you can convert between them - so a folder can contain text itself (e.g. if you select a folder in the binder and deselect the corkboard it appears the same as a text file). Thus the stats in the outliner show the word/character count for the text of the folder - which will be 0 if you haven’t added any (i.e. it doesn’t show the stats of the contained files).

To get a combined word count, select the five files in the outliner and ctrl-click on them - the combined word count of the selected files appears at the bottom of the contextual menu.

Hope that helps!
Happy New Year,

Thanks, Keith, for your reply - a lot clearer than my question.

What I’m trying for is to get a running total for each chapter/folder (with say a target of 5000 wds each) as I write each enclosed file in the chapter. That can’t happen, is that right? Is there any way of organising the binder so something like that can happen other than having one file/folder for each chapter? That sort of obviates the point of small files holding paras or sections.

What you could do is set a target of, say, 1,000 words for each and then use Edit Scrivenings. Edit Scrivenings combines the targets. So, say if you have five documents with a target of 1,000 each and you’ve only written 100 words in the first one, were you to select the enclosing folder and click “Edit Scrivenings”, you would see all five documents in the text editor with the targets in the footer view showing that you have written 150 out of 5,000 words, with the progress bar displayed accordingly.

Hope that makes sense!

Oh, yes. Good. Many thanks.

Come to think of it, you can just set a target of 5,000 words for the enclosing folder and then set a target of 0 for each individual file it contains. When you hit Edit Scrivenings with the folder selected, the folder’s text appears at the top, but if that is blank (which it sounds like it will be if you are not using the text of folders) then that won’t matter - it’s target will be used and set against what you have got in the constituent documents within the Edit Scrivenings session.

Of course, the other thing you can do is just use Project Statistics (from the View > Statistics submenu). The “Selection” part of that has an “Include sub-documents” checkbox. So if you selected the folder and then showed Project Statistics and checked that box, you would also get the running total for the contents of that folder.

Hope that helps.


The edit scrivenings works fine. I can see a running wordcount to cheer me up. Thanks very much.