Status and Included in Draft

I didn’t see these two issues in the bug lists.

  1. Status

In the first Beta version, the status appeared on the cards. In subsequent versions, the statuses do not appear on the cards. I’ve tried different settings and things but I can’t seem to get it back.

  1. Included in Draft

The Included in Draft setting does not appear to save. If I modify that setting, close Scrivener, it’s back to the original setting when I re-start Scrivener.

It also doesn’t appear to have any effect on the word counts. If I de-select the Included in Draft checkbox, I don’t expect the word count from that file to be included in the overall wordcount when I go to Scrivenings mode but if I check the word count in Scrivenings mode, then modify the Included in Draft setting on one of the cards, and then go back to Scrivenings mode, the word count remains the same.