Status Bar Misrepresenting Word Count by Including Inline Footnotes and Annotations

In the Status Bar in Beta version 13, I have it set to display the word count for the currently displayed doc(s). It displays this fine, but the word count includes text that is inside of an inline footnote as well as text inside an inline annotation. This accordingly throws off Document Targets if in fact we’re using inline footnotes and annotations as I believe they were intended to be used: i.e., to comment on the text rather than be part of the main text itself.

Let me know if I should be bringing this up in the Wish List as a feature request. However, I hope it is merely a bug, or that it is planned to add the option of excluding inline footnotes and annotations from the word count in Document Targets and the Status Bar.


In the Mac version, inline annotations and footnotes are included in the word count, but Inspector comments and notes are not. I would expect the Windows version to behave the same way.

The difference is that the inline notes are distinguished only by formatting, so it’s not possible to the word count algorithm to identify them as different from the body text. The Inspector notes are stored in separate files within the project.


Thank you for that clarification. When you click on the word count in the Status Bar, it reveals a more detailed version of the word count that actually gives the option to exclude inline footnotes and annotations or include them. It’s just a little inconvenient to have to click on this every time to reveal the precise word count as opposed to just seeing it there all the time displayed in the status bar. Not the biggest deal, though.

It is sad though that using inline footnotes and annotations makes it so you can’t use Document Targets accurately.