status icons next to document

This is just a suggestion that came to mind while working on my document. I don’t know if this already is a feature, if not I would love to see it in upcoming updates.

When you set the status of a document you have to click it before you can see the status of the document. It would be nice if there was a way (by use of coloured bullets next to the document) to see in which stage they are, so you see on which you need to work and such. This would make my life a lot easier.

If this already exists, then please notify me how this can be done, because I really want this feature in my current work.

Since Labels already use colour information, this would make for some confusing combinations of features if Status could also do so. Given that Labels already do what you want (see the View/Use Label Colour In/ sub-menu), you might consider swapping things around so that label is your status, and status is your label (or just ignored if you don’t need a second primary key). You can even switch the names around in the Project/Meta-Data Settings… panel. Scrivener is completely flexible about what you use these for.