Status-label missing on index-cards

I’m not seeing the nifty status-labels on my index-cards in Corkboard. The status shows up correctly in the Outliner. (Possibly related, I can’t control/right-click and set the status directly on an index-card, but it works from the inspector).

Does anyone have an idea on what to do?

PowerBook G4, OS X 10.4.8

This might be a silly question, but have you enabled their visibility? In the View menu, under Index Cards, you should see a toggle for showing stamps. You can also use Cmd-Opt-S to toggle them. And you are right in assuming that editing is related. Pins and Stamps must be visible in the Corkboard before they can be changed.

Just a thought,

Once you know this, it’s no big deal, but it has always struck me as less than obvious. As the greyed-out contextual menu already has an “edit” choice at the bottom, it might be a convenient addition to have the “Show Stamps” and “Show Pins” command listed there as well.


Silly question – absolutely not!

Thank you! I must be going blind!