Status Search Problem

I’m having some problems when using the status search, I can only get results when I search for “none”, anything else like “to do”, “finished” just returns no result, I’m pretty sure I got files marked as “to do” and “finished” though. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or I got something wrong…

I’m not able to reproduce this problem, so I wonder if you could provide some more information on your search settings? Have you verified that case sensitivity isn’t on (or that you’re matching the case exactly) and you’re not limiting the search (e.g. to excluded documents) to a subset of the binder that doesn’t contain the status you’re searching for?

To check the current status settings in use, you can click in the binder and then use View > Outline > Expand All to reveal all the files, then select all and switch to the outliner (View > Outliner). If the status column is not displayed, you can toggle it on via View > Outliner Columns > Status. (You may need to scroll horizontally to see the column, depending how your columns widths are set.) That will at least let you ascertain that the status does exist in the project, and we can focus on figuring out why the project search isn’t finding it.