Status stamp does not appear

Newly purchased Scrivener, and one of the features I wanted to use (status stamps on index cards in the corkboard) doesn’t seem to work. I assigned different statuses to each document in a folder and played around with the status stamp opacity in settings, but nothing seems to work. I also tried changing the font, resetting my preferences, and restarting the app.

There’s no crash and no messages in the console.

OS: 10.10.1
Scrivener: 2.6 (25480)

This is a bit of an “is the printer plugged in” question, so pardon if you’ve already tried, but do you have checkmark beside View/Corkboard Options/Show Status Stamps? This is off by default in new projects, but you can change that by developing your own starter template with all of the settings you prefer—basically everything you can do with a project window and its view settings can be used as a starting point for new projects.