Status Stamp not showing


I have not been able to get my status stamps to show up on my index cards. I’ve triple checked that they’re turned on, that the color has opacity, etc. I did make custom labels for the status field, but I couldn’t find anything in the documentation about this.

Any idea what could be awry?


What font do you have selected for the “Status stamp font” in Fonts & Colors? Did they ever show up for you, or is this a new thing?

I have Helvetica selected. It showed up, I think, back when I first was using Scrivener, but I can’t be sure. It’s just when I was making my custom tags that I realized, “Hey, where are my stamps?”


That’s very strange. One thing you could try is saving your preferences (Manage… drop-down) to a safe place and then deleting the Scrivener preference file while Scrivener is closed. You’ll need to put your licence code back in when you restart, and then see if you get stamps. If you do, try loading your preference file using the same Manage drop-down.

OK, I’ve got it saved, but I don’t know where the preferences file is kept. (I’m probably going to feel stupid when you tell me).

Found it. Nope, no stamps. If I start a new project, I have the same problem.

Just to double-check the obvious, sorry: when you say that you have turned them on, this is in View > Corkboard > Show Stamps, right? That is ticked? (They will be off in a new project until you turn them on.)
All the best,

It’s always the obvious I miss – I was only looking in the preferences. All better now!

Thanks for the help.

I’m was having the same problem with stamps not appearing but when I went to view, all I saw was 'as corkboard. No option for show stamps. Okay, I had to actually be working in the corkboard and show stamps was a flyout of index cards under view.

Thanks for the forum. It’s a lifesaver.