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I’m currently testing Scrivener and a couple of other similar programs - so far, I’m LOVING Scrivener and will likely go with it since it’s far more stable and configurable than the other programs I’ve been testing (like StoryMill for example).

Whilst testing the Corkboard, I’ve noticed that you can change the Font of the Status Stamps but you cannot change its size. This is a feature I would really like to see and seems a simple addition (forgive me for that, I’m not a programmer).

The reason is that (depending on the size of your index cards – and if you’re working on a full-length novel, you’ll be trying to fit lots of them in a small space) the status stamps run over the index cards into each other. It makes them difficult to read, since part of them is cut off by the next card along. If you could change the font size, you could configure the stamp to fit on the index card rather than running off the end.

Hope it’s an easy change … small thing though in an otherwise brilliant program. It’s making writing a joy.

Many thanks


Thanks for trying out Scrivener! The status stamps on the corkboard can’t have their font size changed because they don’t use a uniform font size - the text is sized to fit diagonally across the card, so if there is more text, it will be smaller. The text shouldn’t trail off the end of the card, that sounds like a bug - do you have some particularly long status names? Could you post a screenshot?


Hmm, I notice that if you have a long status and change the ratio of the cards to anything other than 3x5 or 5x5, the status stamp text can spill off the sides–really long ones still will cut off with the ellipses at the end, but it doesn’t adjust for the ratio change so it doesn’t quite fit anymore.

status spillage.png

A-ha! Thanks. Looks like the code is still hard-coded to a 5 x 3 ratio. I’ll fix this for 2.0.3.

All the best,

Hello Keith,

I’m still reeling from the fact that I posted this at 5pm and you’ve already replicated, identified and promised to fix the issue!!

I’m sold. I’m buying it!!

MS Word (which I’ve been using up till now) can go straight in the crapper where it belongs!

Thanks so much! Will look out for the 2.0.3 release.

Yours … A Very Impressed …


No problem - thanks for bringing this issue to my attention, it somehow snuck past me.

Thanks for wanting to buy!
All the best,

I thought it was a request for change, not a bug. And I really appreciate your lightning response!


It’s 10:30pm on a Friday night … it’s time you had a beer and watched some mind-numbing TV instead of working!!

Software is bought … I’m very impressed.

Thanks and all the best to you too.


Thanks for buying! And don’t worry, there’s a beer in my hand - I’m just checking the forums before I put a film on. :slight_smile:

Thanks again,