Status stamps & labels - update multiples at once?

I’m new (and in love with Scrivener). I don’t know if this is possible and I can’t figure out how or if it’s just not possible so I thought I’d ask.

I’m in corkboard mode and brainstorming a bunch of scenes. Then I want to apply a status stamp to multiple index cards and some labels to some and some labels to others. I did what I thought might work, selected the various cards while holding down the Ctrl key, but as soon as I hit the meta data panel it deselects and goes back to just one.

Is this possible or not?


Yes it is!

Select all the cards in the way you described and then right click with your mouse. The context menu has options for both Labels and Status. Click on the entry you wnt and it will be applied to all the selected documents.

Oh geez…thank you! That, of course, worked perfectly. The lesson I am learning again and again is to not make it so complicated. Scrivener thinks simply. I need to think more simply.

Thank you very much.