Step by Step

Is there any way you could post a step by step listing of how to make the first paragraph in a chapter NOT indent, and then indent subsequent paragraphs?

Also, it’s not clear in some of your posts referring to the non-retrospective nature for existing docs of changing indents using the dummy paragraph. I have only one project at present.

Have you done the built-in interactive tutorial, or read the manual?

Before providing much of an answer, one thing you would need to clarify is whether you would like to learn how to do this on your own from scratch, as a learning excercise, or if you just haven’t really explored the compile options much yet and are just looking for a simple answer—because almost all of the provided presets suppress indents on initial paragraphs, unless it is not appropriate to do so for that preset.

The nature of how compiling works, cleaning up the formatting according to your settings, automatically means existing text will be changed. Sorry if you already know this, but Scrivener is more about the writing than desktop publishing, like Word and such. Use whatever font and paragraph settings you want while writing—the compiler will get you your 12pt TNR double-spaced (or whatever you need) in the end.