Step One

I am about one minute into the tutorial, and it ends with the instruction:

So, without further ado, click on “Step 1: Beginnings” in the list on the left to begin

PROBLEM: There is no “Step 1: Beginnings” There is “Part 1: Basics”

Just an FYI, though you probably have already been told

Step 1 is the first item beneath the Part 1 folder. Is there nothing in the Part 1 folder? If it appears that your tutorial project is messed up, you can create a new one by closing it, then deleting it from your disk, and then using the Help menu (or the startup window) to create a new copy.

Bold by me: I just looked and, yes, Step 1: Beginnings is there after you open up where it says Step 1. What I’m saying is, the tutorial opens up with an overview of sorts, and that overview ends with the instruction I typed out above.

In other words, it should say: without further ado click on Part 1: The Basics (which then brings you to Step 1…) See what I’m saying? This is feedback section so just trying to help.

Well the actual Step 1 item should be visible in a new tutorial. Are you saying it wasn’t expanded? You just had a list of folder Parts in the tutorial list? The way it should look is with them all collapsed except for Part 1, which is fully expanded, including the compound Step 5 section.

Update: Weird. The copy of the Tutorial.scriv that I delivered for use is set up the way I just described. Step 1 is plainly visible in the outline list on the left. However if I create a new copy of the Tutorial in Scrivener itself, Part 1 is collapsed! I have no idea why that is happening. It’s either an old version of the tutorial, or a bug.

I’ll take a screen shot and show you…hold on

The new user is looking in that menu on the left for something that says “Step 1: Beginnings” – they don’t know they will find that under Part 1. I hope that’s a little clearer. If not, I apologize. That’s all I got.

EDITED TO ADD: Just saw your add. Okay. Hope this is helpful. Back to business 8)

Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ll let Lee know it needs to be updated. There are other typos and mistakes that are fixed in the newer version, too.