Stickers to Mark Status

I am not sure if this is already available as a feature, and I am simply not aware, so I am posting my question/ request here. I would find it helpful if there are stickers or some kind of visual label for the Status feature. At the moment, I use Labels and Status in reverse. Different Label colors indicate the status of each scrivening (e.g. done, in progress, known issue, etc.), while I use Status to indicate what kind of scrivening I have (question, reflection, etc.). I would find it helpful if I could visually see the status in the binder. For instance, if I could see a tiny square or a dot in the top left corner of the entry in the binder would be really helpful.

It would also make sense to me if these are reversed: Stickers for the Label and color to indicate the Status. But I am fine with switching them.

I can see the Status in cork board mode really well and in outline view, but not in the binder, hence my question if it is possible/ wish if it is not.

Thanks for reading!

I do not think there is a way to make Status “show” in the Binder as you were hoping.

I also use Labels for status (and many other things) – Labels are just more deeply integrated into the system and hence more useful. I don’t use Status at all.

It is hard to see how an addition graphical hint could usefully and systematically be worked into the Binder along with the existing automatic icon hinting and the label coloring. So, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope of such an added feature!

However, you might press into service Binder Icons for this. Since you can assign binder icons to docs, just adopt some set of the provided alt Binder icons to reflect your categories. The resulting visual hinting might be more robust that you might like, but if you can find icons that you like well enough, it can be okay. It also does visually complicate the color hinting you get from your Labels – since that is now tinting something which has its own coloring – but it can still serve.*


  • Disclosure: I am not myself a fan of changing the icons and use this feature only very sparingly myself.

I was imagining the stickers more like a herald on a flag, the flag being the image of the file in the binder which can be any color and the sticker being the herald placed in the top upper left corner of the flag, e.g. a tiny dot, triangle, square. I agree that less is more, but this sort of designation can help me to sort through some files faster. I do not mean that there has to be a large array of sticker/heralds. For my purposes two would suffice.

I could place an asterisk or something of that nature in the title of the file, but I work with links so often that I am afraid I would mess things up if I make such changes. Using icons is an option, but it is too much of a good thing in my case. I will look, though, for icons sets and may be I will find some that suit me.