Sticky "append to" in Scratchpad and Edit>Appen

I don’t know about others, but I tend to clip to a given location more often than to multiple ones. That’s to say, I’ll have focus on a document called, say, “Sworn-brotherhood and Edward II” and I’ll be gathering stuff on the Scratchpad and appending it to that document.

Currently, I have to hit Destination > Append to > Research > Chapter 6 > Brotherhood Rituals > Sworn-brotherhood and Edward II. Which is fine, but I have to do the old drop-down rumba every single time.

My instinct is that it would be handy to have the Destination defaulting to the last-selected document. It would save a lot of time when repeatedly sending stuff to that document, and eat up little if any extra time when changing destinations.

I haven’t the remotest idea how hard this would be to implement it, but it would be very nice indeed were it feasible at some stage.

ObKudosTo Keith: the new Scratchpad is very, very useful and naturally (apart from my grip) beautifully-implemented.

Hmm, but if you are appending it to a particular document, wouldn’t you be better off using the clipping service? I’m not saying your idea is a bad one - it ain’t, and I’ll add it to the list, although I’m not sure how easy it will be. It sounds easy, but I bet it turns out more difficult than I think. :slight_smile:

I tend to clip stuff to the scratchpad, dicker about with it, jot notes, then send it off to whatever doc. I’m currently thinking about. Sometimes I’ll be making a sort of recension of bits from Tinderbox, DThink, the web, other documents… you name it. In other words, not “pure” clipping of intact text sections.

Actually just adding “Append to current document” to the Destination menu in the Scratchpad would go 75% of the way to solving the not-really-a-problem…

Hate to be a Devonthink whore, but I’ve always thought Christian had a good solution to this one. The Move, Replicate and Duplicate contextual menus have a brief listing of recent destinations at the top level, with the usual menu hierarchy still available beneath. Very Convenient.


Either one of these two approaches would be of value. As Michael suggests, a large portion of the drop-down rumba would be obviated by an “Append to Current Document” option.

Eiron’s suggestion is somewhat more elegant and comprehensive. But then Eiron himself appears to be both elegant and comprehensive (or at least persistent). :unamused:

Just to put some perspective on this though, I think what we’re talking about here is akin to giving Michaelangelo’s David a little feather dusting. Sometimes I look at all these suggestions (many of which clearly have merit) and hope you’ll be continue to be uncompromisingly rigorous about what you chose to incorporate, Kieth, and what you don’t. One of the great beauties of Scriv is its uncluttered simplicity. I’d hate to see it go an an all-carb diet.

Having said that, I think I love this forum as much as the application. :wink:


Given the fact that my current draft is running at 6 hours on stage (the goal is 2.5) I’m certainly comprehensive, but hardly elegant. And I hope that Keith realizes that no one is looking to add carbs to Scriv. (I have enough to deal with in my drafts!) But if something is going to be added, I’d like to see it done as elegantly as possible.


I quite like the idea of just putting “Current document” at the top of the documents menu in the Scratch Pad. Easy and elegant. Added to the list for 1.02.

Excellent (and Elegant)



Pure protein :exclamation:


Bumping from the grave to re-request the second part of the OP’s request.

I do a lot of appending from research docs (masses of evidence that are then sent off the destinations in the binder.) It would be super-helpful to have, perhaps below “new document” in the Append menu, a “Append to last document” option. That’s probably not the clearest wording for it, but I’m think g of something like Mail’s “Move To…[last used folder name here] Again”.

May be impossible or a massive pain, but it would help in my workflow!
And I always feel like an ingrate asking for such little things in such a great tool–so thanks for the greatest software ever. (I actually had a friend from a dissertation workshop last year email me out of the blue and thank me for changing his writing life by turning him on toScrivener, by the way.)

A workaround: Instead of using the Scratch Pad’s “Send to Project” option, just select the text in your note, right-click it to access the Service menu and then choose “Scrivener: Append to Current Text”. If you’ve set up a keyboard shortcut for this service it’s even faster. It’s not quite “Append to last”–you’d need to make sure the document you’re working with is the current one–but it might work for you.

Thanks, MM–but I don’t use the scratchpad for that (that’s for other things.) I was talking about the contextual menu from a right-click on selected text in another document, usually from the research folder.

Ah, got it; I misunderstood. Technically, Services is still an option there, but it might feel a little silly when working right within the same program, I suppose. :slight_smile: