Sticky bold

A minor annoyance: when I hit Cmd-b, the font weight turns to bold (as expected), but hitting Cmd-b a second time doesn’t revert the font to regular weight; I have to reset it from the formatting bar. Works perfectly with Cmd-i, btw, which I normally use for emphasizing.

Font = Lucida Sans.

Is this a known problem or does it happen only on my computer (which would be somewhat »magic«, to quote S.J.)?

Christian Aichner

It’s a font issue, sadly. Lucida Sans, as you’ll see if you open the font dialogue (cmd-T) doesn’t have a “bold” option, it has a “demibold.” For some reason, the OS recognizes the demibold when you want to turn it on but then can’t turn it off. You’ll notice this happens in TextEdit, too. :frowning:

Means it will happen with most of the fonts I use. Oh well… back to Verdana, then?! (at least as screen font for writing)

Anyway: thanks for clarifying!

Christian Aichner

Well, test it out. The Lucidas are the only ones I have that problem with–just the ones with “demibold”–so I’m blaming it on that, but there may be other factors.

Just tried it with Myriad Pro: Cmd-b switches the weight to Bold – and then back to Regular. It completely ignores Semibold, which is a pity, since I find Bold usually much too heavy. One more weakness of OS X’s text system. Seems I have to define two separate character styles (for Regular and Semibold) with corresponding shortcuts in order to avoid having to use the mouse.

Or can anybody suggest a better solution?

Christian Aichner